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Feathers and Butter London Royal Navy

Hello lovelies, first up this design is from August. Back then I had some issues with my nails and cuticles again.. and I almost completely stopped painting my nails in September. It wasn’t because of that though. Anyways my nails … Continue reading

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Some old Stuff

Hello lovelies, it has been ages. There’s a lot to tell, but first I’ll have this over with. Some really old arts stuff back from last year :O I have 3 designs from last year, from which 2 were supposed to … Continue reading

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Blue Floral with Studs

Hello lovelies. Today’s post will be a quickie. I was so excited about this look but then I discovered that I have only one photo of it.. So what happened? It didn’t dry even with quick dry top coat and … Continue reading

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Into the spring with Blue Flowers

Hello lovelies, I’ve been having this Thursday feeling ever since last night. It is so weird, it’s like my brain tries to blank out Wednesday completely. Now I have a little treat for you, new nail design, or well fresh, … Continue reading

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OMD3 Challenge Days 9, 10 and 11

Hello lovelies, I’ve decided to make some longer posts rather than posting each of these on it’s own. By now I’ve missed few themes of the challenge but I’ll try to get everything I have up in few days. Day9 … Continue reading

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