K-snapshotMy name is Kairi and I’m a nail art lover from Estonia (one of the three Baltic States). I decided to pick up nail art sometime before Christmas in 2012 and got to blogging around April 2013.

I am not a professional nail technician nor artist. Everything I know, I have learned on my own over the past 4 years by trial and error method. Besides polishing I have also learned how to take care of the nails and what’s good for the and what’s not.

I draw my inspiration from other bloggers and nail artists out there. I get it also from various patterns on fabrics, clothes and even wallpaper. Sometimes I just copy a design I have seen to improve my skills, but I tend to change bits so it would look more like me. I still give credit to the artists.

As for me, I’m a aquatic biology graduate, I absolutely love rats (don’t have them at the moment though) and share my everyday life with my fiancee. I am a geeky girl, hence besides nail art computer gaming and animes belong to my hobbies as well.

I do hope that you enjoy your visit on this page 🙂

For contacting me, please fill this form, feel free to leave any suggestions and whatever else you have in mind 😉

1 Response to About/Contact

  1. Craftynail says:

    Hey Kairi! Love your blog and your nails! Here’s a Shine On Award for you– http://craftynail.com/2014/02/25/shine-on-award-and-an-epic-nail-fail/

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