Some old Stuff

Hello lovelies, it has been ages. There’s a lot to tell, but first I’ll have this over with. Some really old arts stuff back from last year :O I have 3 designs from last year, from which 2 were supposed to be for stamping plate reviews.. and the last one is from New Years Eve of 2015/16.

Tere kallid lugejad, ma pole terve igaviku midagi siia kirjutanud. No päris palju on juhtunud ka, aga ennem kui ma selleni jõuan, mõned vanad asjad eelmisest aastast. 3 vana disaini, millest 2 olid mõeldud stamping plate’ide arvustuseks ja kolmas on aastavahetuse disain.

First up is a grey skittlette with some gradient and leaves. The stamps are from BP-30 stamping plate. Good plate, designs pick up well.

Esimeseks üks hallides toonides skittlette. 


Second one is another skittlette and a must have for every polish addict. The stamps are from a BP-29.

Teine jällegi skittlette, mille stamp’id peaksid iga lakisõltlase varustuses olemas olema.


The last one is a French manicure with some rhinestones as an accent. It is simple but classy and of course some fairy dust as well for the glitz and glam.

Viimane on sinine prantsuse maniküür, kus aktsendiks on lisatud kivikesed ja natuke haldjatolmu, lisamaks sära veelgi.


I’ll write another post tonight slightly later on with a design I had on towards the end of August this year and tell you briefly about life and stuff.

Hiljem täna õhtul on üks postitus veel plaanitud, seal räägin lähemalt mõningatest juhtumistest ja postitan mõned fotod ka ühest augustikuusest disainist.

With best, K.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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2 Responses to Some old Stuff

  1. I like the grey skittlette nails!

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