Monday Swatches: Misslyn – Harmony

Hello lovelies, for this Monday I have another coral from Misslyn to show you. I did one almost a month ago. Today’s one is a bit colder pastel coral and also a grelly. The two shades are numbered in a row (you can see them right next to each other HERE).

Tere kallid lugejad! Taaskord esmaspäeva puhul jagan teiega ühte järjekordset korall toonis lakki. Nagu Misslyn’i Sunrise’gi on ka see lakk grelly, mis tähendab, et ta on segu kreemjast ja pooleldi läbipaistvast marmelaadi laadsest tulemusest. Nende kahe võrdlemiseks võib SIIA klikata (pildid on kõrvuti).


As mentioned above Misslyn Harmony has a grelly finish. I am wearing 3 thin coats and a top coat on the photos. Harmony isn’t as streaky as Sunrise was and also levels slightly better.

Nagu üleval pool mainitud on Harmony grelly lakk. Fotodel kannan kolme õhukest kihti ja pealislakki. Sunrise’iga võrreldes jaotub lakk paremini ning pole nii ebaühtlane.


I do find this colder shade of coral more flattering to my skin tone than the warm corals. What do you guys think? It is a nice base colour for nail art, gradients well but is not good for stamping. There’s also a close up photo in a slightly different light. My camera tends to freak out slightly when doing close ups from these kind of colours.

Arvan, et jahedamates toonides korall lakid sobivad mu nahatooniga paremini. Mis teie arvate? Igastahes antud lakk on hea maalingute põhjaks ja samuti sobib gradient look’ideks, aga templeid sellega eriti hästi teha ei saa. Tegin ka ühe lähedalt võtte.


So as you can see it shifts slightly in different lighting or in shade. Although it is a bit streaky, I love this polish. It is bright but also soft at the same time. Besides another art post coming up this week, I thought of making a comparison post of what kind of nail strengtheners and base coats I have used and am using now. If that’s something you’d like to read, I’ll do one on top coats and cuticle oils in the upcoming weeks as well. Let me know in the comments.

Nagu näha, käitub lakk erinevas valguses veidi erinevalt. Ja kuigi Harmony on veidi ebaühtlane, on see mu üks lemmik lakke, kuna ta on ergas aga ka pehme samal ajal. See nädal on plaanis veel üks maalingu postitus ja siis küüne tugevdajate ja aluslakkide võrdlus. Kui te sellest huvitatud olete, kirjutaksin ka pealislakkidest ja küüneõlidest. Andke kommentaarides julgelt teada, mida sellest ideest arvate.


With best, K.


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Art loving girl from Estonia.
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