Neon Gradient Floral Nails

Hello lovelies, today I am sharing a neon design. Ooh I love bright in the summer and with tanned skin ūüôā It is a basic neon gradient with a white base and has some flowers stamped on to it. To be honest though, 1 polish I used wasn’t neon but it came out like it was.

Tere kallid lugejad. T√§naseks on taaskord √ľks neoon toonides disain. Ah kuidas ma armastan erksaid toone suvel ja veel p√§evitunud nahaga. See teeb nad kuidagi eriti erksaks. Tegemist on siis tavalise neoon toonis disainiga, kus on kasutatud valget p√Ķhja, et v√§rvid eriti erksad oleksid. Lisasin ka lillemustri. Ja n√ľ√ľd p√§ris aus olles, siis √ľks lakkidest polegi tegelikult neoon, aga antud disainis paistab v√§lja nagu oleks.


I started with 2 layers of white to get nice and even base for the gradient. Then I got out my trusty sponge and neon purple and pink and also threw a coral polish into the mix. I did use a lighter black (as in not so thick) for the stamping.

Alustasin kogu disaini kahe valge kihiga, et saada korralik √ľhtlane p√Ķhi. Seej√§rel kasutasin meigik√§sna neoon lilla, neoon roosa ja koralli peale kandmiseks. Stampinguks kasutasin natuke kergemat musta, et kogu muster j√§√§ks veidi heledam.


Used products (kasutatud tooted):

  • white for the base¬†(valge) – NYC¬†Williamsburg Vintage
  • neon purple (neoon lilla) – Maybelline Colorama¬†Fuchsia Fever
  • neon pink¬†(neoon roosa) – Nubar¬†Hot Pink
  • coral¬†(korall) – NYC¬†Spring Tulip
  • black for stamping¬†(must) – Barry M¬†Black
  • stamping plate BP-20


If you’re interested what kind of base or top coats I use, feel free to ask in the comment section. My next design won’t be as bright, since I tried something new for myself – a holo gradient. Unfortunately there was no sun for the photos, but stay tuned to see how it came out. I’ll try to upload it in the next couple of days.

Kui kedagi peaks huvitama, milliseid alus- ja pealislakke ma kasutan, v√Ķib kommentaarides vabalt k√ľsida. J√§rgmine disain (√ľritan selle √ľles laadida j√§rgneva paari p√§eva jooksul) pole nii ergas. Proovisin enda jaoks midagi uut – holograafilist gradient look’i.

With best, K.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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