Monday Swatches: Nails Inc – Lexington Gardens

Hello lovelies, today I have an older swatch to share with you, hence there’s only 1 photo of it and a different nail shape. It is Lexington Gardens by Nails Inc – a lovely shade of lilac.

Tere kallid lugejad, täna näitan teile ühte vanemat pilti, mil mul olid teravate tippudega küüned. See on üks veidi tumedam sirelililla – Nails Inc Lexington Gardens.


I am wearing 2 coats of the varnish with no top coat. It did apply well, wasn’t streaky and coverage was good. I didn’t have any issues with it. Only thing is that the shade probably looks better against paler skin or more tanned skin. The sticky residue on the cap is from a price tag that was attached with tape – oh I hate that. The brush is a standard thin brush for nails inc.

Pildil kannan kahte kihti lakki ilma pealislakita. Katvus oli hea ning peale kanda ka küllaltki lihtne, st lakiga töötada on kerge (ei voola, kontroll on hea). Arvan et antud toon ilmselt näeb parem kahvatuma nahaga või siis rohkem päevitunud nahaga. Lakki ostes oli hinnasilt kinnitatud kleeplindiga korgi külge, sellest ka see kleepuv riba seal – õõh kuidas ma seda ei salli. Pintsel on nails inci standartne pintsel – peenemat sorti keskmise pikkusega.

With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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12 Responses to Monday Swatches: Nails Inc – Lexington Gardens

  1. Love this ‘older’ nail shape on you 🙂

    • Kairi says:

      Thanks :), can’t keep them though 😦

      • Kairi says:

        They seem to start peeling. And I’ve never had that issue before :s. For now they seem to stay the strongest in short coffin shape.

      • OH. Pointy/almondy actually keep mine FROM peeling… That is odd. Are you sure it’s the shape?
        I’ve never tried coffins!

      • Kairi says:

        Yup. Over the past year I have tried all kinds of combinations (shape + nail care products). I can probably go back to pointy when the peeling stops completely. I think it all started after I had super busy time at work at the end of last summer. Now it’s been on and off depending on my nail shape and length. :s

      • Aaaah. That sucks.

      • Hey, what kind of base coat/strengthener are you using?

      • Kairi says:

        At the moment I’m using OPI Nail Envy. I’ve also used Sally Hansen nail strengthener. I might actually go back to SH. It is a bit of an issue to get some brands here without them being super pricey. As for base coat Nails Inc Hyde Park. I used to have a massive bottle of CND Stickey but can’t get it anymore. Models Own worked well too but can’t get it here.
        I got a new one today (base coat) will see how it will work after I’ve finished my nails inc one. The new one is some kind of Lithuanian brand, I’ve used their nail oil and that works great, hopefully this too.

      • I see 🙂 I’ve also used OPI Nail Envy, 2 different Sally Hansens and Nailtek. I FEEL you about the brands + prices, I hate that.
        If the new Lithuanian base coat doesn’t work, I recommend Nailtiques (2!) = the only one that stopped (and kept off) the peeling for moi.
        It IS pricey and it IS hard to get here, but I order it online (dislike online shopping + expensive), because it’s worth it.
        Just a thought, x

      • Kairi says:

        I might look into that. About polish in general here it’s cheaper to buy OPI and even China Glaze online even together with shipping. Same goes for Zoya. It’s just that Sally Hansen is easy to get now and fairly cheap, I think it was around 5 euros a bottle or smth like that here. I think I’m gonna miss Barry M from UK brands 😛

      • Oh yes, Sally Hansen is available here too, but I SO don’t like it 😦 Barry M, oh yes. I need to stock up on their foils when I’m home 🙂

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