Monday Swatches – Maybelline Colorshow Grey Beats

Hello lovelies, a bit of a late post tonight but this is one of my latest swatches. It is Grey Beats from Maybelline Colorshow Vinyls collection. I picked a box of 4 shades up last year when I visited Bath and I love all of them. As mentioned above, I’ll be showing you light grey from the collection.


Grey Beats has a semi matte kind of satin like finish. Photos are done without top coat and I am wearing 2 coats of polish on all of them. Like other Vinyls I have, this one also dries rather fast and is easy to work with/apply. It isn’t streaky either. I don’t know if it works for stamping but it does create a good base for any art.


I do apologize for the random hair on the nails. I didn’t notice them until I was working on the photos on my laptop. It is probably some weird fluff from one of my cardigans. Anyhow, I have also taken a close up, which I normally don’t do. But I am trying to keep it in mind at least for swatches. If you are curious about other shades from this collection, you can find Pink Punk under swatches from Maybelline. Unfortunately that is an older swatch, which means no close ups.


With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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