Throwback Thursday – Dragons

Hello lovelies, this Thursday is dedicated to dragons. I can’t say these 2 designs I’ll be showing you are my proudest ones, I wish I had better photos of these 2. Never the less, I loved the stamping plate I used for these. It is one of the 4 MoYou London plates I got. The plate is from Zodiac Collection and it is dedicated to dragons, I got it cause well my Chinese sign is a dragon.

First design is in slightly traditional colour combination – red and golden. Although the red I used is very dark one. I do have 2 photos of it and it was my first attempt to stamp a continuous pattern.


Looking at this and all the ideas I have with the stamping plate, I so need one of those transparent stampers now 😀

  • red – Misslyn Wild Passion
  • golden – Models OWN Copacabana
  • stamping plate – MoYou London Zodiac Collection 17


I suppose the second design is in rather traditional colours as well – green, red and white and golden :). Although I do love the green I used, I wasn’t completely happy with the final result. But here it is anyways:


  • white – Barry M Matt White
  • red – OPI Romantically Involved
  • golden – Models OWN Copacabana
  • green – Models OWN Emerald Green
  • glitter – China Glaze Pizzazz
  • stamping plate – MoYou London Zodiac Collection 17

Both of the designs were made back at the beginning of December last year. I hope you enjoyed this post. I have some more new floral designs coming up soon. Stay tuned 😉

With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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3 Responses to Throwback Thursday – Dragons

  1. Trying continuous patterns scares me…

    LOVE dragons.

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