Tipped in Green

Hello lovelies, since I have missed my Monday Swatches this week I will be sharing a completely new swatch with today’s nail design.

First I’ll tell you about the design a little. I absolutely love greens, but I tend to use them rarely because I am afraid of staining or just can’t come up with anything to do. Nevertheless I was on the spring wavelength and came up with a floral design. The base of the design is white with some black floral stamping and it is all tipped in green. I have also used some striping tape for dividing the green from the rest of the design.


  • white – Barry M Matt White
  • black – Maybelline Colorshow Blackout
  • pastel green – Barry M Kiwi
  • black striping tape with white zig-zags
  • stamping plate BP-20

Now the nail polish swatch will be Barry M Matt White. I am wearing 2 coats of it on the photo. First coat is a bit streaky, so for full coverage 2 coats works well. It is rather easy to apply and control. Drying time is good and it works great as a base colour for any art. For stamping it might be a bit thin. It does work well, but the white won’t be as crisp over darker colours, it will have a slight see through effect.


Tomorrow will be another throwback Thursday. So stay tuned. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend.

With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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