Throwback Thursday – Holidays

Hello lovelies, this throwback is a bit of the weird side, because I will be showing Christmas designs. I know it is almost the end of March and Easter weekend coming up. I am sharing these, because I actually really liked the sweater designs so let me know what do you think.

First one is Xmas jumper nails. It is fairly simple, just a nice red base and some white patterned stamping. My absolute favourite from the 3 I’ll be sharing with you.


Products used for this one:

  • red – Barry M Poppy
  • white – OPI Alpine Snow
  • stamping plate – MoYou London festive collection 30

Next one is a design I wore over Christmas. Now looking back I feel like I should have gone for a snowy background instead of choosing all Xmassy colours.


Products used for this one:

  • golden – Models OWN Copacabana
  • green – Models OWN Emerald Green
  • glitter mix – Barry M Christmas Tree
  • black – Maybelline Colorshow Blackout
  • stamping plate – MoYou London festive collection 30

The last of the 3 designs is from this year. I wore it during the first 2 weeks of January. Ok slightly less, about one and half weeks or so. It is a matte skittlette design just to embrace winter.


Products used for this sweater weather design:

  • white – OPI Alpine Snow
  • grey – Rimmel London Moon
  • violet – NYC Parma Violet (not 100% sure on this one)
  • stamping plates – MoYou London festive collection 30 and QA58 from Born Pretty Store

I hope you’ve enjoyed this throwback to the holiday season. I have more spring and bright designs coming up soon so stay tuned. I’ll be posting another swatch on Monday as well. Plus there’s more throwback posts coming such as negative space, matte and dragonic designs and also some really simple art.

With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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