Into the spring with Blue Flowers

Hello lovelies, I’ve been having this Thursday feeling ever since last night. It is so weird, it’s like my brain tries to blank out Wednesday completely. Now I have a little treat for you, new nail design, or well fresh, cause I probably have created something similar in the past.

It is a textured light blue floral water decal design. Huh, what a long name :P. I have been playing around with my nail shape over the past few weeks as well, so this design is on coffin shaped nails, it comes off best on my thumb. Now back to the design, I just had to give some love to textured polish. I like them a lot, but I get annoyed on second day on how gritty it gets, and after about 5 days it starts looking dusty.


Here’s what I have used to create this look:

  • light blue textured – China Glaze Of Coarse!
  • white – Barry M Matt White
  • water decals from Born Pretty Store
  • turquoise beads

I did enjoy wearing this one a lot and it is also a quick design to create. As for the textured varnish, I am wearing 2 coats just to get it more evenly textured (if that makes any sense). I will be back tomorrow with a slightly weirder post, I think just when Easter’s at the door I should get over with holiday nail art. So this week’s Throwback Thursday will feature some Christmas and sweater weather nails.


With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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