Throwback Thursday – Negative Space

Hello lovelies, it is another Thursday and I have 2 more designs to show you from last year. Firstly things are looking brighter for me day by day, and I have to admit blogging has given me a lot of stability back, which is great. Now on to the designs.

First up is a negative space design with some studs and striping tape. It was inspired of one of the designs I saw when googling for inspiration… My nails are super short on this one, because it’s from the time I had loads of nail problems as well – from September. Nevertheless I was very happy how it looked.


I am pretty sure that the polish I used for this one was Nicole by OPI Backstage Pass. For the naked bits I just used my basecoat and some tape. As for the gold striping tape I placed it the last just before slapping on a good layer of Seche.


The second design is from December and I kind of liked it but it came out a little wobbly so I just had it on like for a day or two. For that one I used some nails vinyls, BP stamping plate BP-35, OPI Alpine Snow and the blue is Manhattan Dance Till Dawn.


Over the weekend I will have something newer for you as well. I hope you are enjoying these throwbacks to the last year and also have a happy Friday 😉

With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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