Throwback Thursday – Autumn designs

Hello lovelies, I have tried to categorize some of the art I did last year and well, that didn’t work out so well. Anyhow I do have 2 autumn designs, although first one isn’t really that autumny but it was inspired by it. So lets get to it straight away.

First up is a diagonal French tip design with light and grey colours. This is inspired by early September when there’s still enough light outside but it is already grey and rainy. I did paint this one in August though, thinking of how September will be.


  • OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu!
  • OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!
  • stamping plate BP-21

This one is definitely my favourite from the two designs. Probably because it feels light and airy and my fingers and nails were in better condition.


Lets move on to the second design – a brown autumn design. That is inspired by the crops cutting season, all brown and earthy. I did that one at the beginning of September. By that time I had more problems with my nails, they had started peeling (it was something I hadn’t really experienced before) and no matter what I did, my cuticles were dry and polish just kept lifting from the sides.


  • Inglot No. 365
  • OPI Love Is Hot And Coal
  • stamping plate BP-19


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and do let me know what do you think. I might do a post about how I got my nails into better shape sometime soon, when I’ve developed a proper blogging pattern. Till then have a lovely Thursday girls.

With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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