Monday Swatches – China Glaze Grape Pop

Hello, wow it has been too long I think. I’m trying to bring back some stability to my life and I hope blogging will help me. Things have started going uphill for me again, slowly but it does look steady. So I’m going to try and dedicate Mondays for swatches. I have loads of photos I haven’t posted..

I’ll start doing throwback posts as well, which will have nail art from last year I never got to post. That will go on until everything I wanted to share has been posted. Every now and then I’ll throw in some new designs as well. Currently I’m doing my nails once a week or so.

So for today I have a photo back from June 2014. Yes I can’t believe it myself. It is a nice shade of purple, one of the first China Glazes I ever got and just last week I turned back to it and used it in my nail art. So I thought it will be perfect to share the swatch with you.


That’s probably one or 2 coats. I can’t remember :P. Well I hope you’ll like it and hopefully you’ll welcome me back. I’ll try to get back to reading blogs as well but I’ll start slowly. I don’t want to take too much on. First I’ll get my posting schedule sorted. Till next time 😉

With best, K.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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