Golden Nail Polish Swatches

Hello lovelies, tonight I’m sharing two lovely gold shades with you. They will be perfect for Christmas season and I think both look really classy during any time of the year to be honest.

I almost didn’t paint my nails at all in August. I had loads of problems, they were peeling and breaking like never before. I think it was because of old job, the environment was very dusty and mainly working with hands so they probably didn’t get enough moisture. These swatches are from earlier time, when I had longer nails.

First up is NYC (New York Color) Full Metal Jacket


It dries really fast and is a nice cold shade of golden. This is 2 coats. It does make a perfect base for any nail art. For stamping it does dry a little bit too fast.


Second nail polish I’m going to show you is my favourite golden varnish. I am a bit sad that I can’t get it from anywhere anymore. It is Golden Sand (no 108) by Maybelline Colorama (please confirm the name if you know/have this polish, my bottle has only number on it).


This is again 2 coats, it does apply very well and drying time is also good. And a huge plus, it also stamps very well. It is a lovely warm shade of golden. Let me know what do you think?


Would also be great if you’d help me a bit and say what do you prefer seeing. I have quite a few swatches and quite a bit of nail art as well, most of it is stamping though. Or you’d prefer me going back to free-hand or you’d like to see everything I’ve been up to since the end of July till now and also some never posted stuff from before?

With best, K

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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