OMD3 Day 15 – Cat Nails

d15-OMD3-cat-nails-1Hello lovelies, it’s time for the 15th day of OMD3 Challenge. The theme for that day was cats.

I do feel that this one deserves it’s own post, just because I used almost all the cat stamps and decals I have. I am pretty happy how it turned out as well.

Before I move to the actual design.. I spent 8 hours in a&e last night – a whole night. Mostly just waiting to see a doctor and get a x-ray of my foot. I had an accident at work and a 24 kg radiator fell on it. Luckily nothing’s broken. But I do need to have some rest now to get the swelling down and bruising healed.

d15-OMD3-cat-nails-2I also have to wear a support bandage and be on painkillers. I do feel the last isn’t needed much though.

So overall I was disappointed in the NHS service I got. And wasn’t happy to finally get to bed at 8 am. Luckily I got today off from work to recover and rest.

So back to the nail art. I did take a lot of photos. Only nails that match on both hands are pinkies and thumbs. Also only pinkies have water decals on, rest is all stamping.

I do hope you’ll like what I’ve come up with for this theme.

Loads of cute kitties and some animal pattern 🙂

d15-OMD3-cat-nails-thumbProducts used:

  • chartreuse – OPI Did It On ‘Em
  • white – OPI Alpine Snow
  • black – Maybelline Colorshow Blackout
  • cat water decals from Born Pretty Store
  • stamping plate W-17 from Born Pretty Store
  • tiger stamp from a plate BP-16
  • Seche Vite top coat

Don’t forget to check out all the other designs from the inlinkz at the end of the post.

d15-OMD3-cat-nailsWith best, K xoxo

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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1 Response to OMD3 Day 15 – Cat Nails

  1. christina says:

    THANK YOU! I can’t wait to try this cat nail art on my nails..!!!!

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