OMD 3 Day 3 – Silver

d3-OMD3-silver-nailsHello lovelies, this will be my second post tonight. I am pinching my sleep hours but this is important.

Day 3 of OMD 3 Challenge was all about silver nails.

I’ve had this idea for quite a while and the promt for day 3 was perfect to try it out. I was a bit sad that the stamp smudged on my pinky. Anyhow, I still liked the result. Just ignore the pinky, ok 🙂

Products used:

  • silver – GOSH Holographic hero
  • black texture – NOPI A-Nise Treat
  • black for stamping – Maybelline Colorshow Blackout
  • stamping plate BP-18

d3-OMD3-silver-nails-1What do you think, is seashells and silver a good combination? I did have a second idea as well – fish-scales. But oh my – my time management nowadays is awful, so no free-hand for a while. I’ll try to get back to it though.

Also don’t forget to check out my peachy nails from HERE and make sure to click on inlinkz at the end of the post for all the silver awesomeness.

With best,

K xoxo


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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3 Responses to OMD 3 Day 3 – Silver

  1. Love these they’re super pretty

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