A2Z series – catching up part 1

Hello lovelies, I am still alive and going. Sorry for being away so long and not giving any updates on what has been going on. I’ve had some rough times and been really busy with everything. I have done my nails from every now and then, just haven’t felt like blogging. I will try to get back on track in the upcoming weeks.

lines-red-nails-1Firstly I have loads of catching up to do for A2Z series. I have divided these posts into several parts, so I could add more photos of each mani. I left off in week 12, which was for L is for lines.

My design was inspired by sonailicious. Well it’s kind of the same. I used a different glitter though. So lets see which lovely polishes I grabbed:

  • white – Barry M Matt White
  • red – Essie Russian Roulette
  • glitter – Essence Glitz & Glam
  • some striping tape and rhinestones

I was super happy how it came out. Sorry for the few chips here and there though. It’s because of my work and hectic times. For a while I didn’t have any time to take photos of the fresh mani. So I apologize for some slightly rugged looks.

lines-red-nails-2lines-red-nailsmulticolour-decals-nails-1Next one is M is for multi-coloured. I went with something really simple and I also wanted to try out some new stuff. The multi-coloured part is obviously my accent nail :P.

So lets see what I’ve used to achieve this look:

  • white – Barry M Matt White
  • mint – Barry M Green Berry
  • water decals from Born Pretty Store

The decal was slightly thick though, or thicker than I’m used to but it did work out fine.

Now for the A2Z series archives, head over to the hub page HERE.

multicolour-decals-nails-2multicolour-decals-nailsHere’s th inlinkz for the lines:

and here’s one for the multicoloured:

I will try to write a post about my away time as well. But till then I’ll just post my a2z series and try to catch up on everybody on their blogs. I do appreciate the support a lot. See you soon girls 😉

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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4 Responses to A2Z series – catching up part 1

  1. Welcome back : ) As said before, I had some down and blue times lately myself, I’m glad you’re better and back!

    That red mani is so eye catching – VERY cool.

  2. I hope everything normalizes soon! These are great…I especially love the Multi-color one 🙂

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