Rubber Duckies for #NAILLINKUP

rubber-duckie-nailsHello lovelies, did you know that 13th of January was National Rubber Duckie Day? I didn’t but thanks to the lovely N.A.I.L. girls I now do.

These nails were supposed to be up on the right day, what happened was that we had a huge storm here and of course I was doing my nails. And guess what, the power went out. By that time I just had finished with my base (all the blues and double stamping behind the duckies).  Then I prayed that my nails with fresh polish and no top coat would survive the night. They did, unfortunately I didn’t have much time on Wednesday. So I just did a quick top coat and left them till today.

Honestly I am not really pleased with them, it’s been slightly more than a year for trying to do acrylic painting on my nails. Anyhow I got some cute compliments. I had to get some bus tickets and the guy selling them got really excited about seeing these yellow critters on my nails and asked everyone to come and see 😀

As for the A2Z series, I’ll get that up tomorrow. Now about the surprise, I’ll be hosting my very first giveaway in few weeks. I won’t start it before the goodies have arrived and it will be international :). I am so excited.

Back to these nails and lets see what I’ve used:

  • dark blue – Zoya Sunshine (it’s 2 coats and top coated)
  • middle toned blue – Manhattan nail polish Dance Till Dawn
  • Barry M Damson (not very visible darker waves behind the ducks)
  • Barry M Blueberry (lighter waves behind the ducks)
  • acrylic paints for the duckies (white, several shades of yellow, black and orange)
  • stamping plates BP-L005 and BP-23, both from Born Pretty Store
  • Seche Vite top coat

Let me know what do you think in the comments and don’t forget to check out other cute duckies. On the side note: there’s something fishy going on with wordpress. It claims that some of your lovely blogs are spamsites and malicious, it doesn’t let me commentate and/or like posts occasionally plus I see like only the last 5 posts in my reader…


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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6 Responses to Rubber Duckies for #NAILLINKUP

  1. Jessica W. says:

    So super cute! 🙂

  2. MO says:

    Love them! They’re so cute xx

  3. Craftynail says:

    they look artsy and cute!
    it’s fun when guys comment on your nails

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