Born Pretty 08 stamping plate – Review

BornPretty-08-stamping-plateHello lovelies, here’s another lovely stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. Before getting to the review, this plate looks slightly different than the one they’re currently selling. The new one doesn’t have the chevron pattern (has a small flower instead) and the other whole nail images are larger.

*The product was sent for my honest review and all opinions stated below are my own.*


BP-08Born Pretty Store has a wide choice in nail art products with a really good price.

So lets get started. I did a test stamping on paper to get a feel for this plate. The images are etched very well, even too well. I did get some flooding, but that may be caused by hard stamper (at the moment I do not own any other). The lengths you can see for the full nail images are in millimeters.

If you want to get this plate, you might have some trouble but the newer (slightly improved) version of this plate retails for $2.99 and can be found HERE.

I’ve also made few designs for you to see how it is on the nails. Like in my previous review (which can be found here), I did 3 designs. One of the designs is with chevron image, a stamp I’ve always wanted. That one has a rough line, cause I’m bad at continuing geometric designs :P. The 3rd design is my F for fashion design from A2Z series, which was posted yesterday.

BP-08-design1 BP-08-design2 fashion-nailsFor all of them I’ve used different polishes to stamp. One was even with a crelly finish. So again, all the images on this plate stamp very well and I would recommend it. If you want to get 10% discount, you can use my code HFBQ10 at the checkout. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review.


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Art loving girl from Estonia.
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4 Responses to Born Pretty 08 stamping plate – Review

  1. I don’t like flowers and butterflies and such, but that white mani is actually lovely, I really like it : )

  2. Love the designs and your mani’s.

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