Born Pretty 04 – stamping plate review

BP-04-stampingplateHello lovelies, Born Pretty Store released their very own stamping plates at the end of September and they kindly offered me to review a few.

*The product was sent to me for a review. All opinions stated below are my own and honest.*

I chose this plate cause of the gorgeous peacock images. I tried them all out on paper before jumping in and creating few designs. I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of this plate, all the images stamp very well – even the finest lines. I had no trouble picking up the images and transferring them to the nails.  😀 I did all the stamping using Maybelline Colorshow Blackout for the review.

The plate retails for $2.99 and can be found HERE. It’s sure worth the price, in my opinion it’s actually a great bargain.

BP-04-1For the first design, I chose the royal looking peacock from the right side of the plate. Only trouble I had was that I found my stamper to be slightly small. The size of the image is great though, specially if you have wider and longer nails.

BP-04-2For the second design I chose 2 images from the plate. For my ring finger the large peacock image from the center of the plate and for my middle finger a peacock from the left side and also some of the parts from the image at the center of the plate. The thin lines doesn’t show well on the photo (that was more because of the silver base), they were there in person. Also unfortunately my topcoat ate a small part of ring finger’s peacock for some reason (the part close to the nail tip).

BP-04-3The third design was already posted for A2Z series on Friday. You can check out more photos from HERE.

Born Pretty Store has a great range of nail art products and they ship world wide and what’s even better, the shipping is free. If you’re interested, I also have a discount code HFBQ10, which you can use when checking out. It gives 10% discount. I hope you have enjoyed this review (there will be one more) and have a great week ahead 😉




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7 Responses to Born Pretty 04 – stamping plate review

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  2. Great mani! I also own this an other bps plates and I totally agree. Their products are cheap but have a high quality.

  3. MO says:

    I need to try some of their plates x

  4. I really enjoy Born Pretty Store – such affordable but WORKING products – the stamping plates, their stamper is my all time favourite, people always say good things about their decals, I really like cheap things that are not cheap shit.
    And good choice, the peacock is lovely, so is the cute owl : )

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