Vampy French Manicure

vampy-french-nails-2Hello lovelies, it’s finally weekend and I have some red nails to show you.

I will put it under Halloween nail art, so here we go – my first one this year. I’ve been practicing a lot of free-hand stripes lately and I’m not pleased with these.  They’re slightly wonky and uneven.

It’s dark, it’s red, it has black and also a surprise – definitely Halloween! You’ll see the surprise part later, it’s another first for me 🙂

I do have 1 photo of these in natural daylight as well, have to warn you though – it’s super glossy. And ofc my camera seems to freak out on this red, almost always. This time was no exception.

vampy-french-nails-1Isn’t this glossy? The surface isn’t uneven or streaky, it’s just light reflecting. The top coat I used, is Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. It does dry superb fast too.

Let’s see what I used to create this look..

  • red – China Glaze Long Kiss
  • black – China Glaze Liquid Leather
  • striping brush
  • French manicure guides
  • small flat detail brush

It was fun to wear these though and from a certain angle and light they looked like black. Next photo depicts the surprise, I do apologize about the fogginess – this combination was driving my camera mad. I did take several photos and that was the best I got from that angle.

vampy-french-manicureYes, it is an underside manicure as well. My first ever and I have to say, it was so easy to create. And it almost took zero clean up and btw I didn’t use any tape or other supplies to seal off the skin.

How then.. I put some polish onto a sheet of paper and used the small flat detail brush. I tipped the brush into polish on the paper and painted the undersides of my nails with more of a tabbing strokes. I only had slight clean up on my pinky and ring finger.

What do you think, did I succeed? I will try this again, when I get longer nails.

vampy-french-nailsI’ll have another Halloween design up tonight or tomorrow morning – that one will be slightly disgusting :P. And I’m still working on the new blog layout themes, some stuff need tweaking. Enjoy your weekend girls and ofc have fun! Till my next post 😉

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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5 Responses to Vampy French Manicure

  1. Luchessa says:

    Very vampy & hot. I like the design. It’s simply on one hand, but very bold on the other. I love the base color, China Glaze Long Kiss. It’s my kind of red. 😀
    Btw, I really hope you participate in my current nail art contest Kairi, as i think you’d come up with something fabulous! 😉

  2. lynnlsnailart says:

    wouw these look cool. I love the red color!

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