Magnetic Autumn

magnetic-green-nails-1Hello lovelies, tonight I have something I consider to fall into autumn nail art. Of course you can wear it anytime of the year 🙂

I decided to use one of my magnetic nail polishes and to minimize the hassle, I painted some stripes onto the side, that didn’t get as much magnetic.

I did love this look, the green played well in the sun, had to remove it within few days though, since for some reason magnetic nail polish just keeps chipping on me. Although it might have been the strengthener underneath, Orly Tough Cookie tends to do that on me, when I wear magnetic polishes.

I do not recall the chipping happen, when I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails underneath.

What do you think, are these magnetic enough for this season?

magnetic-green-nails-2So lets see what I’ve used here:

  • magnetic green – Sally Hansen Magnetic Emerald Green
  • copper – Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Coin Flip
  • purple – Maybelline Colorama Noite De Gal

For the copper part I actually used tape to get a straight line. For the thin purple stripes I used one of my “fatter” striping brushes (it’s slightly thicker and shorter than my other one).

I topped it off with what was left of my Seche Vite. It’s now completely used up.For now I’m not renewing my bottle, since I have several other fast dry top coats and there might be even new favourite. Have to test that out few more times, then I’ll share my experience 🙂

I’ve been messing a lot with different blog layouts/themes. I’ll make a voting post with example screens this week. It will be up between my art posts, I do hope you’ll help me to decide. One more photo..

magnetic-green-nailsI hope everyone’s made it happily to hump day and instead of indie post for N.A.I.L., I’ll do something Halloweeny 🙂

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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2 Responses to Magnetic Autumn

  1. LOVE THESE and your lines are PERFECT.

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