Maybelline Colorama French White and Cool Touch

Maybelline-Colorama-French-WhiteHello lovelies, to end this rather rainy weekend, I have 2 jellies from Maybelline Colorama to show you (both are purchased by me).

First up is this lovely white called French White. A little over a year ago I didn’t appreciate jellies, so I frankened my first bottle of it. In the spring this year I realized what a mistake it was and I really need a good white jelly.

I am wearing 2 rather generous coats of it. It does apply nice and also dries a bit faster than my other jellies. It does have a really milky feeling.

I am not wearing any top coat for the swatch either. This one also water marbles well (I did my first ever marbling with it), for stamping it is a bit too sheer but can be used for everything else. Even free-handing flowers over a dark colour.

The second one I’d like to show is called Cool Touch, which is light grey. I am wearing 3 coats of it on the photo, since I wanted to reach opaqueness. Anyways it does apply well and isn’t streaky or patchy. Also I am not wearing any top coat on the photo. There’s really nothing else to say, I like this grey shade and I think it fits well into a rainy autumn.

Maybelline-Colorama-Cool-TouchI hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday. In the upcoming week I won’t join #naillinkup, because I don’t have any indies – I know, it’s a blasphemy. I have looked into few and when I have some extra left from my paycheck I might give in and order a few. Till my next post 😉

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3 Responses to Maybelline Colorama French White and Cool Touch

  1. Had to go and check – that Essie is called Tuck it in My Tux – it has the same softness to it, irresistible.

  2. French White is just GORGEOUS. I mean. So beautiful. It reminds me of a new Essie for winter that I saw and fell in love with, something to do with Tuxedos I think maybe… Anyway, that white jelly is FANTASTIC on you!

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