Call of the Wild: Geometric animal print nails

safari-nails-1Hello lovelies, I have this safari themed nail art to show you tonight.

I’ve had this kind of design in my to do list for a while and at the end of September, I finally took a go on it.

I do think though, that I should have used something else instead of the tiger print on parts. Other than that I was very pleased with the outcome.

One other thing I loved was that the golden polish looked like tape in certain angles and light.

Before I get to the polishes used part, I’d also like to show you how it looked without the stamping.

brown-geometric-nailssafari-nails-suppliesI used striping tape and some scotch tape to seal off parts for different colours and stamping patterns. As for polishes..

  • gold – Maybelline Colorama Golden Sand
  • Barry M Lychee
  • Misslyn Fame
  • China Glaze Call of the Wild
  • stamping plate QA25 from Born Pretty Store

What do you think, are this fit for a safari or maybe into autumn? Or Both?

For rest of this week, I’ve got a textured mani for #naillinkup to show you and those jelly Maybelline polishes. I am going to do few changes in the blog appearance too, so bear with me if you see some funny stuff happening.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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6 Responses to Call of the Wild: Geometric animal print nails

  1. Gorgeous! I love the colour palette too!

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