Barry M Glitterati Collection: swatches and review

Hello lovelies, this weekend is all about glittery awesomeness. I have 6 awesome shades by Barry M to show you (the collection is purchased by me). I was really excited and ofc I got my favourites out of the six.

BarryM-GlitteratiUnfortunately it wasn’t sunny outside, but nevertheless.. I did take several photos and had some rough time with few (they just didn’t co-operate with my camera), so there are a little foggy, flashy and natural light photos. First collage of all 6 is photographed with flash.

BarryM-Glitterati-CollcetionAll the colours are jelly base packed with loads of glitter, from which some is holographic. I’m wearing 1 coat of CND Stickey as base coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri as top coat on all of the photos. So lets get started.

GTNP1 Starlet is a gorgeous pink. It does seem a little more orange-red side in the bottle though. Although the formula was slightly on the thick side, it applied well and was easy to work with. I am wearing 2 coats, first one was thin and second a thick coat on the photos.


GTNP2 Socialite is a blue leaning pinkish purple. It does look more pink in the bottle, on the nail it is light purple. Again formula was on the thick side, but applying was easy. I am wearing 2 coats, first thin and second a thicker coat.


GTNP3 Fashion Icon is dark purple, that has some blue undertones in it. It did dry slightly dull on my nails, but top coat fixed it. Formula is thick and more pigmented than for the previous 2. I am wearing 2 more of a thin sided coats on my nails.


GTNP4 Catwalk Queen is a green that is leaning towards teal. The formula was slightly sheerer than others from this collection and it was also a little runny. I am wearing 3 coats on my nails.


GTNP5 VIP is a blue gorgeousness. Yes this is definitely one of my favourites from this collection. Although the formula was on the thick side, it isn’t that pigmented, so it needed 3 coats. Applying was easy though. And the blue shade is just beautiful. I kept staring at my nails.


GTNP6 Rockstar is a charcoal black. I think this one had the best formula for me, not too thick or gloopy. It did cover with 2 coats.

BarryM-RockstarBarryM-Rockstar-1The polishes are available in Boots and Superdrug at UK and also on Barry M homepage. My favourites from this are Socialite and VIP. Which do you like the most, let me know in the comments. Enjoy your weekend and till my next post 😉

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