Pink Gradient for a friend

Hello lovelies, tonight I’d like to share something I did at the end of August for my mum’s friend. She had a wedding to attend and asked if I could do her nails. Of course I agreed.

The evening itself was fun, with snacks and some nice champagne. I did a full manicure. It was my first. I started off with filing her nails and then did a hand soak and moisturize routine (some cuticle removal scrub, hand cream and nail & cuticle oil). After that we had a small break to let everything soak in and dry the nails.

Then I moved on to doing the design. I started off with nail strengthener and base coat. Then I did a white base and after that was dry I sponged on 3 layers of pinks. I finished the design off with fast dry top coat and ofc did the clean up and added some cuticle oil.

pink-gradientThis is how it came out. I’ll list the polishes used also:

  • white base – Barry M Matt White
  • light pink – Maybelline Colorama Nebline
  • medium pink – Maybelline Colorama Pink Boom
  • hot pink (on the tips) – Wild & Mild Shut Up

What do you think of this? I was pleased and she loved them also. Till tomorrow, then I’ll show you my ladybug design for #naillinkup.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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