Sapphire Nails for N.A.I.L.

sapphire-nails-1Hello lovelies, I’m starting t catch up on this month’s #naillinkup. The theme for second week was sapphire.

I had quite a few ideas for these, at the end I went for simple blue colour block design. The white strings you can see are intentional, too bad I couldn’t pull them into cool swirls.

Before we move on t the polishes used for this, I’ll tell you what happened yesterday. My day started great and I got to meet my dad for some Estonian goodies. On my way back it turned, one of the wheels of my suitcase gave up and boy it was heavy – I’d say over 30 kilos. Yes it also had some extra polish in it (20 bottles of my beauties).

When I got back I was super exited, cause I got a message on my phone that my new fast drying top coat and some Seche thinner has arrived. Well the parcel couldn’t be found anywhere. So I contacted the courier company and found out that my neighbours have it. I went to ask and they said they don’t know anything. (Lets look more at pretty pictures, before I continue with my rant)

sapphire-nails-2So I wrote a note to other tenants stating that I have contacted the courier service and know where the parcel is. I also said that it contains polish, so guys (there are 3 guys at the flat downstairs) won’t have any use of what’s inside the parcel. Luckily all ended well and they gave my parcel back this afternoon. Now this can never happen in Estonia, because only person who is authorized to sign is the one to whom the parcel is (you have to show ID also). Anyways, the rant is over 😀

sapphire-nails-3Now lets see what polishes I used:

  • lighter blue – Maybelline Colorama Superbower Blue
  • dark blue – Misslyn Night Club
  • white – OPI Alpine Snow

To get nice squares, I used scotch tape and later on a small dotting tool to line the edges with dots. Be sure to check out other lovely sapphire nails from here.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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4 Responses to Sapphire Nails for N.A.I.L.

  1. Craftynail says:

    My boyfriend’s neighbors used to steal his mail all the time!

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