Red Saran Wrap Nails

red-saran-wrap-nailsHello lovelies, I am finally back to blogging. I will try to set a schedule for myself.

The end of the summer went really fast for me, I had a lot to do and just couldn’t make to posting.

These red saran wrap nails are actually for NAILLINKUP and the first week, which was Apples.

You are right, there are no apples on my nails, well no real ones or anything that would depict them. I’ll get back to it in a bit.

I have few chips, because I wasn’t able to photograph them right after I had completed the design. I went to window renovating the next day at my flat and did it with bare hands – hence some chips.

Now back to the design itself. It’s very subtle, since the reds are close to each other in shade and also the second (darker) red is a crelly. Now why on earth does this fit for apples, well because one of the polishes I used.

  • Nails Inc Big Apple Red by Kate Spade
  • Misslyn Valentine
  • Barry M matte top coat

What do you think, does it fill in the brief? I do have sapphire design ready too. I’ll post it later on this week. I have some other things to share too – at the end of August, I had a chance to do a full manicure to one of my mum’s friends. She wanted me to do a design to match her dress at her son’s wedding. Back to this design now, one more chipped photo ..

red-saran-wrap-nails-1Here’s also this month’s promts. Don’t be shy to jump aboard and be sure to check out all the apple themed nails.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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