Misslyn in Ave Caesar, Valentine and Yellow Button – Swatches and review

Hello lovelies, today I have 3 swatches for you. The polishes are all by Misslyn. Some of them have been done a while ago, hence the different nail shapes and length. Somehow the time keeps flying by and I have to start preparing for going back to the UK too. Plus I’ve had a dental marathon this summer. Luckily my teeth are healthy – no holes, but there have been few other problems and all are solved by different doctors (specialists). Anywho.. back to polish

Misslyn-Nail-Polish-315-350-672Here you can see all of the three colours I’ll be talking about. All the photos have been done with top coat (I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri).

Misslyn-Ave-CaesarFirst up is Ave Caesar (no 315). It’s a beautiful magenta pink with pink shimmer finish. I am wearing 2 coats on the photo, although it can be a one coater. I just wanted to get the deeper and stronger colour (it’s still opaque in 1 coat, but looks more pink). The formula is nice, it did dry slightly slower than I am used to tough. Maybe because it’s a bit thicker but it isn’t gloopy and it is easy to apply.

Misslyn-ValentineSecond one is Valentine (no 350). It’s a lighter wine red, that has a crelly finish. Again I am wearing 2 coats here, though it can be one coater (but then it’s more of a jelly like). It applies evenly and drying time is also good. It doesn’t stain, although it’s quite strongly pigmented. This photo is with flash, that’s why it looks more red than on the first photo.

Misslyn-Yellow-ButtonThird one is Yellow Button (no 672). It’s a nice mustardy yellow, I am wearing 3 coats here. The formula is awful though, it’s streaky and runny. Drying time is good though. I still like the colour though and I can bear with the formula (there are worse ones out there). The finish is cream for this polish.

Which one do you like the most from these 3? (I’m kind of fan of Misslyn nail polish, since I’ve had really good experience on the formula on most and I like the colours and finishes they offer) Tomorrow I have a design with Ave Ceasar again, till then ;).

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2 Responses to Misslyn in Ave Caesar, Valentine and Yellow Button – Swatches and review

  1. Craftynail says:

    i like Valentine !

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