Nail Care haul and about my absence

Hello lovelies, as you may have noticed, I’ve been missing since the end of OMD Part 2. I’d like to congratulate all the winners. I had a lot of fun and had a chance to try some new things, which is always nice. If you’d like to see, what I did, you can see all the themes from HERE.

I haven’t posted, cause I felt like I needed a break – a small vacation from blogging. I did keep up with all of your posting though πŸ™‚

SDC14352Now for the haul – I got some new polishes and other supplies. I finally decided to get myself a set of toe separators (previously I used toilet paper or paper kitchen towels), a new polish remover, a foot cream, a foot file, new bottle of nail & cuticle oil and a bottle of dark magenta nail polish.

Polish remover – It’s a Sally Hansen regular polish remover for all nail types. It contains pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and apricot extract. This is my second bottle and I am super pleased. It cleans my nails rather fast and is also good for clean up and cleaning my art brushes. It also contains acetone but doesn’t leave my nails and cuticles dry plus the smell is rather nice and not strong at all like some of the polish removers have.

Foot cream – This is a refreshing footcream by Orto with chamomile, camphor and honey wax. I have used it few times over the past week and I can already notice changes. It leaves the skin nice, smooth and soft plus the smell is great.

Foot file – It’s a regular foot file with 2 different roughness. It does it’s work well enough. The file is from Sally Hansen.

Nail & Cuticle Oil – This is Rejuvenate Nail & Cuticle Oil by Kiss. After a week’s use I am in love with it. The smell is great and it makes cuticles healthy looking and healthy cuticles help the nails to grow faster (at least this is what I’ve noticed). I actually left my nails and cuticles unattended for the whole July and now they’re getting better and better after starting to use this one. Rejuvenate contains safflower seed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E.

Magenta nail polish This is another polish by Misslyn called Ave Caesar (no 315). I haven’t tried it on my fingernails yet but I did put it to my toes and it looks lovely. It has a slight shimmer to it and one coat was enough.

SDC14353Second part of the haul has 2 polishes and French mani stickers. I actually wanted to get punch hole reinforcement stickers but couldn’t find them.

French mani stickers – These are by Depend and the pack contains 34 of them (I find it a slightly odd number, cause really – we have 10 fingernails.. so 30 or 40 would be a lot better number). There’s really nothing else to say, they work fine.

Green glitter – This is another polish by Misslyn and it’s called Oriental Emerald. This polish is from Velvet Diamond collection. I already have few ideas how to use it for my art.

Light pink – This one is my first ever Essence nail polish, it’s from their Effect Nail Polish line and is called Glitz & Glam. You will be seeing this one next week. I’ll probably do a swatch/review + art post at the second half of next week.

I’ve been trying to figure out a theme post that I’d do once a month. At the moment I’ve come to the ideas of fashion inspired or Estonian folk clothes inspired (since I really loved what I came up for OMD2 national pride promt and there are so many awesome patterns). If you have any cool ideas, let me know and you can also tell me what do you think of these two?

Of course I will be posting other art too. I just thought that it would be cool do have a certain theme once per month. Anyways, I’ll be back tomorrow with a skittlette mani, on Wednesday (20th of August) I’ll have a Estonian themed art, cause it’s the Day of Restoration of Independence then. And as I’ve said above, the other half of next week I’ll have a swatch with some art of that Essence polish. Till tomorrow πŸ˜‰

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