OMD2nails – Animal Print

OMD2nails-tiger-printHello lovelies! This past week my laptop was in repair, I’ve been busy refurbishing Mr K’s and my flat and also got one of my wisdom teeth pulled out (it took 3 shots and I still felt it)..

Anyways, lets get to the nails. I will try to catch up. Although I’m still wearing my negative space design, which I created on Thursday atm.

On Monday 21st it was a day dedicated to animal print in the OMD2 challenge. I knew that I wanted to create some tiger nails with gradient background.

Polishes used:

  • base – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails strengthener, Manhattan Nail Polish base coat
  • yellow – Misslyn Yellow Button
  • lighter coral – Misslyn Harmony
  • darker coral – Misslyn Sunrise
  • black – Maybelline Colorshow Blackout
  • Seche Vite top coat

I actually started with this one on last Saturday, when I was away from civilization and just painted my nails yellow with Yellow Button. I added rest of the art on Monday. The tiger water decals are from Born Pretty Store, the stamping plate is also from there and it’s number is QA25.

OMD2nails-tiger-print-1Be sure to check out other lovely animal printed nails. Till my next post šŸ˜‰

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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6 Responses to OMD2nails – Animal Print

  1. Nailmattic says:


  2. How did you apply the water decal? It looks so crisp! Sometimes when I apply top coat the edges/details smear a little.

    This is a great manicure!

    • Kairi says:

      Thanks šŸ™‚
      I applied it normally but before adding top coat, I made sure it was totally dry. I’ve had decals smear too, but only when they weren’t totally dry.

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