OMD2nails – Glitter placement

OMD2nails-glitter-placement-1Hello lovelies, yesterday was glitter placement day in OMD2 challenge.

Although I did only few rows on 2 nails each hand, it felt like the longest manicure I’ve ever done. It is probably my least favourite design and promt so far.

Maybe if I get larger hex glitter, I may try this again but until then it’s a definite no.

The red polish used is a crelly and a one-coater, as for the light pink, it took 3 layers or polish to get it even and opaque enough.

Red glitters are taken out of the red jelly based glitter polish and other glitters are loose holographic glitters I have.

OMD2nails-glitter-placement-2The red triangular tips are done using scotch tape to mask off rest of the nail. I placed glitters on before the red got dry.

Polishes used:

  • base – Sally Hansen Hard as Nails strengthener and CND Stickey base coat
  • pink – Maybelline Colorama Nebline
  • red – Maybelline Colorama Downtown Red
  • red glitter – Misslyn Sexy Love
  • Seche Vite top coat

At first I though I’ll add 3 rows of glitter, as you can see on the ring finger of my left hand. That was a fail, so there are only 2 rows on other glitter placement nails.

Be sure to check out the other glitter placement nails from the inlinkz and I’ll be posting today’s theme of galaxy nails later on.

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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