OMD2nails – Mint

Hello lovelies, July is finally here and we all know what time that is – yes Oh Mon Dieu Challenge part deux has started. I can’t tell how excited I am; to share my art and to see all of your designs, which will be lovely. I am sure of it!

OMD2nails-mintNow, lets get to it. The first theme isΒ Mint. I actually prepared this design at the beginning of last week and all I can think of while looking at it is mint-chocolate chip ice cream.

I decided to do a tape mani and I finally feel that I have befriended the Tape! πŸ™‚ I did use loads of top coat (after every layer of taping), because I was impatient and it was also very hot.

Polishes used:

  • base (creme packed with glitter) – Manhattan 71S Lotus Effect
  • mint – Misslyn Neverland
  • taupe – Misslyn Fame

For taping I used my trusty scotch tape. As for my base coat I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and CND Stickey base coat, for my top coat in this mani on all the stages I used CND Air Dry. I did get some bleeding, but it was me being too impatient.

OMD2nails-mint-1I do apologize though for the small cotton fibers. Even after washing hands they seem to get glued to my nails and fingers just when I start applying polish. And sometimes I only notice them on the photos afterwards. I have seen something similar in the web with different colours, so I tried to search for it but couldn’t find the author.

OMD2nails-mint-2Before we get to the link to click for all the amazing entries, here’s also a graphic for the challenge with all the themes listed. Feel free to join in and have some fun with all the creativity flowing around this July πŸ™‚


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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5 Responses to OMD2nails – Mint

  1. squeakynails says:

    Very pretty colour combo!

  2. You’re so right! Great minds think alike!

    Love it, and definitely makes me think of chocolate chip mint ice cream!

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