Floral Water Decals

ImageHello lovelies, I have a set of floral water decals from Born Pretty Store for you to show tonight.

This set comes with 10 decals only, which cover the whole nail. The length is good, but as for my nails, I wished some would have been a little wider. You can stretch them a little, but have to be really careful with that. As you can see on my middle finger, I managed to tear a hole into it. Otherwise applying was rather easy as any other water decals.

I used Manhattan Lotus Effect in 21G as the base colour. You can see the swatch HERE. Adding top coat melted down the design slightly. Specially for the darker flowers.

There’s one more photo of the decals before adding top coat. Let me know what you think? Till my next post 😉


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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5 Responses to Floral Water Decals

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  2. I’m ordering some right now, I saw some really cute ones on a blog today, MAP decals ; )

    This is a lovely spring mani! : )

  3. Craftynail says:

    these look really cute!

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