Manhattan Lotus Effect Nail Polish no 21G

ImageHello lovelies, here’s another late night post. I have a swatch of a yellow nail polish for you tonight. This one is Manhattan nail polish from the Lotus Effect collection. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a name, it is just called 21G.

*The polish is bought by me and the review is my honest opinion*

The first time I used it, I wasn’t happy at all. It was really sheer and streaky and it required at least 4 layers. It seems to have thickened up a little. This made it easier to work with. I am wearing only 2 coats with no top coat on the photos. It maybe that the base is done with 1 coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and 1 coat of CND Stickey base coat (this did smooth out my nail bed).

First coat was still streaky and I was a little anxious, hence there’s a bald spot on my pinky. Second coat was easier to apply, I made it a generous one. It did level out ok and drying time wasn’t bad either.

It is a creme, pastel yellow, with not too glossy finish.

I do like yellows :P, let me know what do you think? I wouldn’t recommend getting this though, I am sure there are better yellows like this out there. It’s not too bad though. The polish comes in a 11 ml bottle for a little over ā‚¬4 in Estonia. The brush is long thin one. To be fair, I prefer thin brushes more.

I’ll be back tomorrow, with either the next Nail Link Up theme or some water decals I placed on top of this yellow.



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5 Responses to Manhattan Lotus Effect Nail Polish no 21G

  1. I like it, it looks delicate, not a stark bright yellow.

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