Nail Care – How I do it

Hello lovelies, last night was Eurovision night and overall I have been rather busy. I still have several art photos I haven’t posted but today I am sharing how I take care of my nails. So be prepared, I will show naked nails too. First I’ll start with a short background story.

I have been lucky with my nails being strong, but when I started this blog they got a bit stressed because all of the acetone and polishing. Until then I had taken my nails for granted. They did break and I had peeling every 2 months or so, now my last break/peeling was 5 months ago. And my current nail shape actually predisposes peeling. I have a nail care routine I do every week or two, depending on how much I have time and if I need to shape them. Below is a photo of my nails before my manicure routine (just had removed nail polish) and after.

ImageAfter removing nail polish, I shape my nails using different files. I choose the grid on depending what and how much I need to file. After that I always buff my nail tips/edges to avoid any peeling.

Next thing I do is preparing a nail soak. What I add into it, depends on my mood but there are few that are always added: warm water, shampoo (I use the same as I wash my hair with – coconut and lychee), few drops of olive oil. I soak my hand in it for 7 to 10 minutes. Then I take my hand out, tap it a bit drier with a towel and scrub off dead skin and push my cuticles back with orange wood stick. I repeat this for my other hand too.

Then I use the cuticle remover from Boots. It is a cream with small bits in it, like a body scrub. I massage the cream onto my cuticles and let it sit about 1 or 2 minutes and rinse it off under warm water.

To remove any last bits of loose dead skin, I scrub my fingers and nails with my nail brush and liquid soap. Now I gently dry my hands with the towel and massage a generous amount of hand lotion in down to my wrists included. I let that sink in a little and add a drop of nail/cuticle oil onto my cuticles. Lastly I massage it in to my cuticles, nails and fingertips.

When I’ve decided to have 1 day of naked nails, I just let it sink in and go to sleep with slightly greasy fingers. If I do decide to paint my nails, I clean the nail plate from any residues of the oil about half an hour after applying it.

Down below are photos of all the tools and products I use. Although I don’t use cuticle remover (tool) to remove my cuticles, I use it to remove hangnails or other hanging skin bits around my nails. I hope you have enjoyed reading this 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to leave it to comments.


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Art loving girl from Estonia.
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4 Responses to Nail Care – How I do it

  1. Since I started working in a bakery, my nails actually IMPROVED. Same with starting my blog/nail art. It’s actually because I paid more attention to them and cared more, even with the stress and dangers of a bakery and lots of acetone in the blogging world : )

    I love your pointy shape!!

  2. Grumzz says:

    Your nails look so great! I dont think my nails are ever going to look this pretty and be this long, I put too little effort in my nail care.. And even if my nails cooperated, my sports wouln’t allow nails this long and pointy xD

    • Kairi says:

      Thank you! I used to do sports too and had to keep them short. Now I can keep them long only when I don’t have any field work or labs. 😀

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