Spring Dots – Recreation

ImageHello lovelies, my second post for tonight (post it while you can). This one is a recreation for Spring Dots (you can see the original post from HERE), that I did back in March last year. I have no idea why I named it like that.

Again I changed up colours, because I haven’t brought any of the polishes with me, that I used back then. Instead of yellow, I went for green. I wanted to make this really bright and pop out, hence I used a white base. Another thing I changed, were dots. I felt they were kind of empty or missing something with just larger ones. You will see, what I mean, if you scroll down for more photos.

ImageNext photo is the old design. As for recreation, I like it more. I think it is more vibrant this time. I also think that white base fits more with this look.

Polishes used:

  • white – OPI Alpine Snow
  • green – China Glaze Entourage
  • orange – Zoya Pia

For base and top coats I used Stickey and Air Dry by CND. I started with 2 coats of white on all of my nails and to get straight lines for the half colours, I used scotch tape.

ImageOne really fun thing that happened today with these nails was, that I made a little girl smile in the park when she saw my nails. She kept staring them for a bit and gave me a really cute smile. I was so glad that I managed to make someone happy with these.

It was rather dull and gray weather. Before I go, I did do a small pictorial, unfortunately forgot to photo some of the steps. I did write a few lines onto it. I hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend! Till my next post 😉 (also be sure to check out my swatches for OPI Alpine Snow)


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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