OPI Alpine Snow – Swatch and Review

ImageHello lovelies, what’s good about switchable graphics? Well I managed to do a fix, it’s not permanent but will do for now. I must go on posting my nails 😀

At the moment my go to white is OPI Alpine Snow. Well I don’t use it for stamping, I have Essie Blanc for that. Ignore the coral thumb nail :P. As for white, I still have to learn how to paint my nails white properly.

You can see 2 coats of Alpine Snow on my nails. The swatches are done with CND Stickey base coat and CND Air Dry top coat.

Alpine Snow applies really nicely but as for my nails, first coat shows all the ridges and dents on my nails, second just shows ridges, that’s why I used top coat. As usual, OPI’s brush is wide and fans out really nicely, so I can paint my pinky with 1 stroke :). Drying time is also good.

Which is your favourite white polish? Do you have different ones for base colour, art and stamping?

I will also try to get another post up after this, which is from recreating nail designs from my starting days.

Image*All the polishes I swatch and review are purchased by my own money unless stated otherwise*

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5 Responses to OPI Alpine Snow – Swatch and Review

  1. serendipityidhuna says:

    I love this white color! I also have this polish, there’s a review on my site. It’s a perfect color to use by nail art!

  2. Craftynail says:

    Im thinking that whites fall into one of two different categories. Runnier formulas which dry fast and are shiny (like alpine snow). Then there is the other kind that are thicker, slower to dry and chalkier. I dunno… something i have noticed lately.

    • Kairi says:

      Probably, White on White by China Glaze was kind of chalky and more thick. As for Blanc by Essie, it was runnier at first but not so glossy, now when I have about 1/3rd left, it’s quite thick but now it’s very easy to use for stamping.

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