Maybelline Colorama Electric Blue and #HePicksMyPolish

ImageHello lovelies, I have 2 things to show you today. The gorgeous blue called Electric Blue by Maybelline Colorama and HePicksMyPolish themed design. It just so happened that one of the picks was this blue shade, which is one of my favourite blue polishes at the moment.

To be honest, I was in inspirational crisis after the challenge ended and I had no idea what colours to use on my nails. I was very pleasantly surprised when a good friend of mine here in the UK asked if he could pick polishes for me. I gladly agreed and I am absolutely pleased with the colour combination and the results.

Lets see what did he choose for me:

  • Maybelline Colorama in Electric Blue
  • China Glaze in Liquid Leather
  • Essie in Blanc

I have only 1/3 left of my Essie and it has gotten a bit gloopy and thick. I do have another white but I didn’t want to cheat. Now I use it only for stamping or where the gloopiness comes in handy. This is also why there are some white threads on the design. At some parts they did create a nice web like pattern but unfortunately it doesn’t show on photos.

Maybelline Colorama in Electric Blue *The polish is purchased by me and it is my own honest opinion and experience below.*

ImageYou can see 3 thin coats with no top coat on the photo. I had no problems with application, although my edges keep staying lighter (hence the 3 coats, otherwise 2 is fine), because my nail shape is so curvy when they’re at certain length. Electric Blue has beautiful shimmery finish and it dries quite ok – not too long but isn’t fast either. I waited around 2 to 3 minutes between my coats and about 5 minutes after my third coat.

The wearing time is good too. I’ve had very minimal tip wear with this as long as a week (that’s with top coat though).It comes in 7ml bottle as all Colorshow and Colorama polishes by Maybelline. It costs 3 € in Estonia or even less if there are good offers.

ImageNow back to the design. I decided on doing some freehand flowers onto my accent nails (ring finger and thumb). I used detail brushes in 2 different sizes for painting the flowers and small dotting tool for the dots – to get different sizes I applied different amount of pressure.

For the rest of the nails I used a pattern of black and white stripes, which are painted with a striping brush. I’ve done this kind of pattern before back in OMD Challenge in July 2013 for my black and white nails.

I am happy how this turned out and the blue makes it kind of bright and happy. It has a gorgeous shimmer in daylight.

Let me know what do you think of the design and the blue polish. And you can find the rules for HePicksMyPolish under the challenges tab from HePicksMyPolish page. Till my next post 😉


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