Abstract nails TUTORIAL

ImageHello lovelies, I was asked for a tutorial for my abstract design I did for NAGG Challenge. I did choose different colour setting but the steps remain the same.

Some tips:

  • Be sure to use opaque polishes, it will be easier to work with. As you can see, the dark blue isn’t opaque in 1 coat. Ofc if you don’t mind waiting for drying, you can use 2 coaters too.
  • Instead of dotting tool, toothpick can be used. Or any other pointy item.

Now l’ll move on to the polishes and the tools I used. They will be shown also on a picture below.

Things needed:

  • black and white nail polish – I used Liquid Leather by China Glaze and Alpine Snow by OPI
  • 4 colours of your choice – here I used from lightest to darkest: Worn In by Maybelline Colorama, Teal by Barry M, Electric Blue by Maybelline Colorama, Maybelline Colorama no. 106
  • also don’t forget your base and top coats
  • brushes: striping brush and a flat brush for clean up
  • dotting tool
  • acetone, a small container to tip your brushes into
  • a paper/plastic where to put a drop of polish for dotting

ImageNow the how to step by step (there’s also a pictorial below):

  1. Start off with your favourite base coat and let it dry.
  2. Now paint your nails white and try to get it even as possible (this is important when you don’t use dark or very opaque colours). Let this dry out completely or the colours might mix. Also the design will dry quicker afterwards.
  3. Next step is to start painting V shapes with different colours. Start with the lightest and don’t worry about straight lines. Just use the polish brush to freehand it.
  4. If you move on colour by colour, your first nail should be dry enough for the next shade. Paint another V towards your nail tip. The polish can overlap the pervious one slightly (or as much as needed to get the V-s more or less the same wight). Repeat step 3 with all your chosen colours by moving towards your nail tip.
  5. Now seal in your V-s with 1 layer of topcoat. I did this to even out the background. Also I did a clean up after this step.
  6. The next step is to load your striping brush with black polish (you can use acrylics too, I just don’t have any at hand) and start painting 2 stripes from the border of your lightest and the next colours border. Curve them up a little as you move towards the center of your nail. Repeat this for the other side too. Then paint just 1 line to each side on your tip by following the V-shape of your darkest colours.
  7. The last set of stripes are the 3 near the cuticle. Start with the one closest to it (starting point is the border between white and your lightest colour). Just do 3 gentle stripes above each other by moving towards the center of your nail and finish them there.
  8. Now start with 4 dots by moving diagonally between the white and the lightest colour. Then add 3 more dots (or 4, depending on how many will fit) on the opposite side above your 2-lines on the border of your 2nd and 3rd colour. After that add the tip dots onto your darkest colour.
  9. Lastly when everything is dry, finish it off with your favourite top coat.

I’ve added a pictorial for easier understanding of the design. I hope this helps and let me know if you decide to try this out and ofc I’d love to see the results.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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4 Responses to Abstract nails TUTORIAL

  1. clawdz says:

    I’m so glad you took my request and made this tutorial! I put on a new no-chip 2 days ago, so I won’t be able to try this out for a little while but I can’t wait!! Thank you!

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