Gradient for #NAILLINKUP

ImageHello lovelies, my second post for tonight as promised. This one is for NailLinkUp and theme is gradient. I had it done few days ago already and I’m still wearing it actually. I didn’t post it, because I couldn’t decide if I should stamp something over it or not. At the end I just decided to leave it like this.

I absolutely love the look and I am so happy that the lighter colours mixed so well. As for the darkest one, it looks different on each colour. Or maybe the polish has just started changing from its original colour. Not sure, have to check that out.

Polishes used:

  • Lychee by Barry M
  • Inglot no. 365
  • Sleek Bamboo by Alessandro

I did use base coat and top coat as with every mani I do. The colours are listed from lightest to darkest. I started with 1 coat of Lychee and then did sponging by painting all the three shades onto my sponge and pressed it to my nails. Did that twice.

There’s some smudging too, I really should stop painting my nails late at night 😛

ImageThe last one is a bit awkward, I have no idea how I managed to photograph it in such a pose and angle..


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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