Valentines Day skittlette for #NAILLINKUP

ImageHello lovelies, it’s already 2 am and I am here blogging. I wanted to get this post up before I’m off to bed. It is for Nail Art Ideas Linkup hosted by the lovely Brijit, Jemma and Jacqui and the theme is Valentines Day (yes do click on it 😉 ).

I did go with pink, but I have only 2 hearts on all of my 10 nails. It is a skittlette manicure (my thumbnail is the same as index finger). So lets see what I used. I did some newspaper print under the stamping to get love lettery look.

Polishes used:

  • Pussy Galore by OPI – light pink texture from Bond girls liquid sands collection on my pinky
  • Ice Cream Bar by Alessandro – hot pink on my ring and middle fingers
  • Black Creme by Wet n Wild – stamping
  • Pretty Lilac by Technic – on index and thumb nail

To fasten the heart shaped black rhinestones on my pinkies, I used 1 thin layer of my CND Air Dry. Then I placed th rhinestone and then added another thing layer. It has held very well (did this mani on Thursday evening). Since I used super thin layers, the liquid sand still feels textured.

I hope everyone had a lovely day and having a great weekend ahead. Till my next post 😉


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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