Misslyn Crazy Love and Crackling Gold Review

ImageHello lovelies, I am back in the UK and have 2 polishes to show you. These 2 are new in my stash, treated myself for Christmas with these back at home.

Many things happened, good things, over the holidays, so it is a bit hard for me to be back. One disappointing thing also, there was no snow. It melted just when I got home and now it will start t snow again over this weekend. Seems like I have been dragging the UK weather with me :P. Now on to the polishes.

First up is Crazy Love by Misslyn, number 238. It has a lovely creme finish and it is almost a 1 coater. I did 2 very thin ones, but it is possible to get it opaque with just 1 generous coat. It also evens out very nicely. I would classify the shade more into violets rather than pinks. What do you think?

Drying time for Crazy Love is quite fast, just few minutes to get it touch dry and it didn’t bubble. There are some scratches on the polish though, I wore it without top coat for a day, didn’t get any tip wear during that time though.

ImageImageImageSecond one is Crackling Gold by Misslyn and the tone number is 704. As the name says it is a crackle topper. It was very easy to work with and dries super fast. It did dry into yellowish though and after adding the top coat it turned into beautiful shimmering gold.

I absolutely love this one, added it on top of Crazy Love.

I have been wearing this for 5 days now and have only very little tip wear.

Both of the polishes come in 10 ml bottles and sell for €4.95 from where I bought these.

The bottle shape is comfortable and the brush is also nice. It is a bit short but fans out really nicely and is easy to work with.

I just love the close up photo, shows quite well the nice shimmer it has. Crackling Gold is definitely one of the crackle toppers I love.

I am trying to think of something for the N.A.I.L. health and wellness theme. Till my next post 😉


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2 Responses to Misslyn Crazy Love and Crackling Gold Review

  1. Craftynail says:

    OMG- i just wore a similar combo- maroon with gold crackle! will prob post it in a few days 🙂

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