Christmas French Nails

ImageHello lovelies, I hope you’re having nice holidays and a great Christmas eve. I have 2 gradient French manicures for Christmas for you. I am sorry about the chipping on the first one, had a chance to photograph it on the 6th day of the wear just before removing it. And 6 days with the art is a lot :O

It is fairly simple, some sponge gradient and stamping. Well it’s not really a real gradient, just 1 colour mixed with my natural nail.

Polishes used:

  • copper – Coin Flip by Sally Hansen
  • red – Long Kiss by China Glaze

I did 3 coats with the sponge, adding more to the tips. I loved the look – Christmassy and wintery at the same time.

ImageImageAnd here’s the second mani I did. This I wore for 4 days, over the last weekend and removed it on the evening of 23rd. One of my nails is broken and I had to renew the fix I did. It still isn’t grown out enough to cut it off. If you want, I could write a post and add some photos of the fix I did.

As for this design, I used 3 polishes for the gradient and some cute cat stickers I had.

Polishes used:

  • golden – Golden Sand by Maybelline Colorama
  • copper – Coin Flip by Sally Hansen
  • pink – Cherry by Maybelline Colorama

I just added the polishes separately with the sponge in the order as they’re listed. I really liked the pink tip and of course the white kitties.

What do you think, are they in the seasonal spirit? Enjoy your holidays and till my next post šŸ˜‰


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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4 Responses to Christmas French Nails

  1. Ps: I would love to see your fix

  2. Absolute seasonal proof. They are gorgeous. Enjoy your holidays.

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