Futuristic nails

ImageHey lovelies, I was feeling adventurous over the weekend and here is the result.

Before I get to the design, I have some news for you. I am not very happy about this but there’s a slight change in my blog posts for a week. I have some older stuff I haven’t posted, so i could share that and also some old swatching photos.

My natural nails are stained a bit and yellowish, so I’m keeping them away from the polish. Just using my cuticle and nail oil and doing some hand/nail care stuff I usually do for this week (so no new designs or anything).

Now for this design. I photographed all the stash I have with me at the moment (which is 25 bottles of polish, so not a huge choice) and asked a dear friend to pick out up to 3 colours. So what did he pick:

  • Night Fever by Misslyn – the silver polish I used as a base here; it’s 2 coats
  • Entourage by China Glaze – the green
  • Blingtastic by Sally Hansen – blue glitter

It was quite a challenge, at first I had no idea where to put the glitter. I am very pleased how this turned out though. And, it was a challenge to photograph too – so many light reflecting particles..

I tried adding matte top coat after few days to see if it can be photographed better.. not really πŸ˜›


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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10 Responses to Futuristic nails

  1. dymphnarose says:

    Love the color combo and the manicure. Really really lovely job! πŸ™‚

    • Kairi says:

      Thank you! He is willing to choose again if I’m feeling adventurous πŸ˜›
      To be honest, I would have never come to this colour combo by myself

  2. Uuuuu, I looove this, very Alien-esque ❀

  3. this is cool – the pattern looks kind of retro but the colors make it futuristic… so retro futurism. Or something!

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