Quicker Slicker Colour by Seventeen – Review

ImageHello lovelies, I have a swatch of 2 polishes by Seventeen today. They’re from Quicker Slicker Colour collection.

I bought these from Boots about a month ago, so yes my first 2 polishes bought in the UK and only ones so far :(.

WARNING: loads of photos coming up.

On the first photo, you can see a gradient I did with the 2 colours I got from the collection. It was a blind mani at  that time (as you can see I have my old nail shape on it).

ImageOn to the polishes. Both of them come in 8 ml bottles.. They have wide flat brushes, which make them easy to apply.

First one is called Fury, a lovely mix of bronze and gold. You could do with just 1 coat but I went with two thin coats to get maximum opacity. It dries very fast, so you have to be quick, otherwise it will drag slightly. It does get touch dry very fast as the info on bottle insists (50 seconds).

The second one is called Potion, a nice mix of green and gold. Now this one requires at least 3 thin layers for opacity. It levels out quite nicely though and again dries very fast.

Removing them was easy, or well a lot easier than other similar polishes. Didn’t leave sparkling cuticles behind. 🙂

On to the wall of photos :D. I have no idea why Fury seems matte with top coat, because in reality it doesn’t as you can see from the first photo, where I used it for the gradient. Maybe it was due to light conditions (did it quite late in the evening) and also with no flash..


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5 Responses to Quicker Slicker Colour by Seventeen – Review

  1. Oh, I’ve never seen me in Boots!
    They look GORGEOUS mattified.
    What matte top coat did you use, out of curiosity? : )

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