Tart by Maybelline Colorama

ImageHello lovelies, today I have a swatch of an oldie and also some nail art – Halloween nail art, I did with it.

#This product was self purchased.

The lovely shade of purple you’re seeing is Tart by Maybelline Colorama #135. This bottle contains 7.5 ml of polish. I’ve spent half already as you will see from one of the photos.

Looking at the bottle, it suggest that it has purple and gold in it but on nails it’s just purple which I’m really pleased with. It contains a lot of microglitter and maybe that’s why it has golden shades also when you look at the bottle.

I think my exemplar is a bit old, since it has gotten thicker and that maybe the reason of not that smooth apply. I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat. It does apply quite nicely still, first layer will stay uneven though. Second layer is enough to even it out. The brush is long and thin. Drying time is average – first thin layer dries fast but second one (which was more generous) dried slightly longer.

I have a close-up and a picture of the bottle also. My camera didn’t want to focus on the close-up though.

ImageNow moving on to the nail art I did. With one of these, you will see how the polish looks matte also. First one is googly eyes.

Besides the purple I used White on White by China Glaze and Black Creme by Wet n Wild plus a large sized dotting tool and a smaller sized dotting tool.

Googly Eyes NailsFor the next design I used Entourage by China Glaze (green) and Black Creme by Wet n Wild plus a striping brush.

Halloween Nails

Halloween nails

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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8 Responses to Tart by Maybelline Colorama

  1. scentivory says:

    Very beautiful artwork 🙂
    Have you done some manicure courses or this all is just self-taught? 🙂

  2. So cool! Those matte nails are awesome, plus Frankenstein green+purple combo? Perfection.

  3. Luchessa says:

    Love the combination with the green color. Great contrast!

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