#31DC2013 – Inspired by a Flag + Blanc by Essie

ImageHello everyone, here’s a quickie for the Chalkboard Nails’ 31DC2013. Sorry that I have just 1 photo of the flag design.

The colours of Estonian flag are beautiful and I’ve done the flag inspired design before. So this time in honour of UK I went for the Union Jack (since I am here now). πŸ™‚ I apologize that the blue isn’t quite it, but at the moment my stash is limited.

Polishes used:

  • Blanc by Essie (white)
  • Long Kiss by China Glaze (red)
  • Hanging in the Balance by China Glaze (blue)

The flag is free-handed. I used 2 different brushes for that – a wider brush (one-stroke) and a detail brush.

Be sure to check out other flag inspired designs from here!

Before I get to the Blanc by Essie, did you notice, I changed my nail shape? What do you think, does the square shape fit me? Or I should go back to my old shape (more oval squarish)?

Now Blanc by Essie!Β I am so excited, it’s my first polish by Essie. Why white, cause my White on White by China Glaze is almost empty.

ImageI like this one a lot. The formula is more liquid than White on White’s (or maybe mine just has dried out a bit). Anyways, Blanc was very easy to apply and 2 layers was just enough to get it totally opaque and evened out.

Drying time between layers was good.

For the close up, my camera went a bit nuts, since this white is so bright. And maybe because it’s dark outside and I had to take the photos with artificial light.

Also no top coat on the swatch photos.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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2 Responses to #31DC2013 – Inspired by a Flag + Blanc by Essie

  1. Oooooh, Essie Polish Twinsies! (Don’t ask, I just made it up…) Essie Blanc was my first Essie too, I got it like a week ago or something. It’s lovely! It’s not like tipex, and many whites are and it gliiiides. My first Essie polish and the beginning of a love affair, I’m sure ; )
    That Union Jack is crazy.

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