Twisted Polka Dots

ImageHello lovely readers. Originally I was thinking to do this post for 31DC2013 glitter challenge but I’m a few days late.

I really wanted to see how the Chalk Dust by Maybelline Colorama (it’s named differently at my home country) looks like on white and black background. And I’m super happy, because I got the expected results.

Polishes used:

  • white – White on White by China Glaze
  • black – Black Creme by Wet n Wild
  • copper – Coin Flip by Sally Hansen
  • Chalk Dust by Maybelline Colorama
  • golden yellowish rhinestones

How to:

  1. ring finger – 2 coats of white nail polish and 1 coat of Chalk Dust.
  2. middle finger – 2 coats of black nail polish (although one would have done it) and 1 coat of Chalk Dust
  3. pinky and index finger – 3 coats of the lovely Coin Flip to get full opacity, I really didn’t want the smile lines to be seen. Coin Flip is lovely having loads of microglitters in it.
  4. thumb – I did black and white gradient using a make-up sponge. I had no base besides my nail strengthener for this. Did 2 coats of the gradient and 1 coat of Chalk Dust.
  5. Finally finish it off with your glossy top goat and place the rhinestones on pinky and index finger.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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6 Responses to Twisted Polka Dots

  1. Craftynail says:

    yess! your thumb is too cool!

  2. Elektra King says:

    I have to agree!! The black&white gradient together with the black&white glitter look absolutely amazing! So sophisticated 🙂

  3. Elise G says:

    My favorite is the thumb nail – the polka dot over the B&W gradient looks stunning!

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